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Darren Cartledge - My passion for photography

My passion for photography started at a young age. Much to my mother’s annoyance, I was always playing around with her instant camera, capturing images of my family and our surroundings. I remember my first real opportunity to explore my interest in photography happening when I was around 10 years old, with a trip to the Lake District. Yes, the majority of the pictures I captured were typical point and click exposures, but I did manage to capture some pretty impressive landscapes and my interest was piqued.From here I jumped in with both feet, but it wasn't until adulthood I could explore my passion fully, when I was introduced to SLR cameras as part of my studies. This introduction served to help me explore my creativity and massively develop my skills as a photographer, opening new avenues of learning around technical aspects. such as exposure and composition, and really helped me to develop an eye for detail.

The inital years following college were something of a forced hiatus from photography for me - with a young family to support, my career focus turned to IT in web design and development, although it was this job that allowed me to invest in the equiment I needed to engage in my true passion. At this point in my life, I mainly focused on landscapes - an aspect of photography I am still very passionate about to this day and one I spend much of my spare time pursuing. Take a look at my landscape portfolio.


Becoming professional

My first foray in to being a professional photographer was as a freelance photographer for an independent fashion retailer. This ignited my absolute passion for portrait photography - planning shoots and working with models and stylists whilst capturing the essence of my subjects almost became an addiction to me. This led to various new opportunies, working alomgside other professionals and helped me gain essential experience I'd previously been lacking.

By 2015 due to a change in personal circumstances, I once again found myself away from professional photography and, again, I used this time to focus on my landscape work. It was at this point I was introduced into the world of wildlife photography by a friend and I soon became immersed into the skill and technical aspects it required. Check out my wildlife photography.


New begingings

2021 saw the breakdown of my marriage and personally a very challenging time in my life. But, it also brought with it a new opportunity to focus on myself. Stuck in a job I saw as a complete dead end, I knew where my true passion was so I took steps to invest in myself. Over the next two years, I took a deep dive into the world of photography and enrolled on several courses and attended numerous workshops, mainly focusing on wedding and portrait photography. This vastly improved my technical knowledge and skills whilst learning various new techniques. I also had the fortune to be able to shadow and work alongside several experienced photographers at weddings as a "second" - something I'm extremely thankful for.

Darren Cartledge Photography

At the beginging of 2023 and with the support of my new partner, I felt my photography skills, knowledge and expertise where at an all time high so I started planning for the future. In April that year, Darren Cartledge Photography was born.

Going out on my own has allowed me to define my photography style, explore new aspects of my creativity and deliver outstanding images that have delighted my clients.

Please feel free to view examples of my work in my portfolio and if you would like to work with me, please get in touch, I am always happy to help.

Photography services I offer.

I offer a range of photography services such as weddings, portraits and family photo sessions. I also offer a photography packages for special events such as birthdays, aniversaires, christenings, parties and more.

If none of my pre-made photography packages meet your requirements, I am more than happy to tailor a package to your individual needs.


Wedding Packages

My wedding photography packages start at £250 with options available to suit most requirements. Custom packages are also availalble.

Family & Portrait

Family & portrait sessions are available to book online, You can bookwith or without image packages. Although purchasing images with your booking comes with a discount.

Event Photography

I offer two event packages that are suitable for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, christenings and more. Custom options are also available.


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